Step 1

Alright Predators I am starting my scouting for AK Caribou and something that I use when hunting out of state is I call the department of wildlife or the department of natural resource and talk to their biologist. These guys know the land and know what they are talking about. Make friends with them, ask about migration routes, last years burn areas, and anything you can think of. Once you learn as much as you can from them start putting it on a map. Find your Unit and print it off 2 copies one that hangs where your hunting stuff is and the other goes in your wallet. Bring it everywhere and when you have free time pull it out and look for transition areas, mountain ranges, thickets, funnels, anything that you think your animal is going to use. Dream about it start walking alot or enough to cover the terrain your out to claim and add a pack as well. I also use as a aerial view of where I am going and the photos are better and more recent in my opinion. I look for everything I can think of and it turns into an obsession real fast.***If you are waiting on what unit you put in for a draw Be positive and start looking at all your areas!Image


2 thoughts on “Step 1

  1. Well, I see you made it up far north. If you plan to come down for the IBO Trad World in Cloverdale, IN, let me know. Enjoyed shooting with you last year in the HHW class. I think we were the most relaxed bunch of guys in the championship round and had a lot of laughs.
    Keep on shooting! P.S. is there any link to the footage your buddy shot available?

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